FreeCiv2 - R-Hires!

R-Hires! is a FreeCiv2 tiles set
r-hires!.5-beta1.tar.bz2 sources (6MB) 2007-01-05
Uses: extracted file in your Freeciv home data directory (~/.freeciv/) or see Freeciv help to put it in other place.
Run: civclient --tiles r-hires!-64x32.

Click ont the picture to see a more large.
r-hires! (499KB) r-hires! (244KB) r-hires! (412KB)

The R-Hires! tiles set isn't terminated, yet. You can use the Test002 only.

This work is under GPL. I use some idea, files and graphic from the Arturo Espinosa-Aldama's WormWorms tiles set. Especial thank to it. - Frédéric Rodrigo - f.rodrigo@ - (c)2005 GPL