Some of my SVG files. This files are mainly done with Inkscape (a good and free (GPL) graphic vectorial program). I was the main Inkscape French translator in 2004-2005. I have also done a "complet" SVG FreeCiv tileset here.

cle-porte.svgz cle-porte.svgz 8K 2097 hits 2005.06.16

enseigne.svgz enseigne.svgz 6K 2235 hits 2005.05.20

panneau-ville.svgz panneau-ville.svgz 2K 2662 hits 2005.04.22

++*.svgz ++*.svgz 8K 0 hit 2004.12.04

collateral-damage.svgz collateral-damage.svgz 12K 1939 hits 2004.11.25

croix.svgz croix.svgz 5K 2127 hits 2004.10.04

crayon.svgz crayon.svgz 2K 1994 hits 2004.03.29 - Frédéric Rodrigo - f.rodrigo@ - (c)2005 GPL