R-aTTacK a Tetris attack-like
R-aTTacK is a Tetris attackę-like game, but with more options. To win you must remove boxes; to achieve this, you must draw lines (of 3 or more boxes).
When you remove a special box, a special action is being made, in order to help you or not; your goal: achieve the best score! Each type of boxes has different points, if you make more than 80 points in one move you win a block. In order to reduce a block, you must destroy a box by touching it.
With combos you can remove more than 3 boxes you win 10 points for all additional boxes, the game writes "4n", "5n", ... the serial combo writes "x2", "x3" and more when the consequences of a deletion produces other deletions, the points are multiplied by the level of this combo.
The R-aTTacK site: http://r-attack.tuxfamily.org/.

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