Applets / Themes for Suprkaramba
Screen shot of my desktop
For Superkaramba 0.37 and greater choose the .skz file, else choose the .tar.bz2 one.

r-weather::ScreenShot r-weather-icon.tar.bz2 (337K 2006.02.12
r-weather-icon.src.tar.bz2 (91K 2006.02.12

Weather icon set for liquid weather ++

R-Karamba::Net::ScreenShot r-karamba::net.skz (20K 2005.09.20
r-karamba::net.tar.bz2 (19K 2005.09.20

Overview of network connexion


  • "user", list of user logged in (cmd users)
  • "server", open port in LISTEN stat (cmd netstat)
  • "client", other used port (cmd netstat)
  • network flow, values and graph of input/output network flow, plus IP
  • "ping", value and graph of ping


  • network interface for flow and IP
  • network flow scale
  • pinged host IP
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